Armrests are conformed as much by their fixation points as by the door environment: consequently, a complete armrest checking fixture must simulate both characteristics to check the part in conditions as close as possible to the part fitting in the car.

Our checking fixtures are produced in aluminium, the components submitted to wear-and-tear are produced in steel. Tolerances for RPS (fixation points) and dial indicator points: ±0.05mm. Tolerances for simulation blocks: ±0.1mm.

Minimum documentation: dimensional report of your checking fixture, 2D assembly drawing, assembly CAD. Optional documentation: R&R report, user manual, stabilization certificate.

In addition to the controls listed in the complete checking fixture displayed in this website, several dial indicator control points could be added in order to check the deformation of the outline and shape of the part and get values to be used for SPC (statistical process control). In that case, the measurement of these points could be made easier and quicker by using solutions such as CAPTOR-S and CAPTOR-C as a complement.

Complete checking fixture for armrest
  • Aluminium base plate
  • Fixation of the part on all its clips, possibility of positioning the part in its vehicle position or horizontally
  • Rotating clamping system, for an easy handling of the part when mounting and dismounting it
  • Control of the part shape by 3 removable blocks and a Go/No Go pin
  • Simulation of the armrest handle by a sliding block
  • Control of the fitting of the armrest in its car environment by removable simulation blocks simulating the door
  • Control of the length of the part by dial indicator
  • All the simulation and control blocks are removable or retractable in order to provide a complete access for a measurement by CMM machine

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