Mission, vision & values

Tecnomatrix accounts for 47 people divided between the Engineering Department, the Business and Administration Department, the Workshop and the Metrology Department.


  • Finding technical solutions for the industrial sector and its production processes related to mechanics, by using the latest technologies and materials available.

  • Constituting a diversified business portfolio as much in number of customers as in variety of sectors.
  • Consolidating the relationships with new customers and get the recognizing of their professionals.
  • Maintaining a constant and sustained growth while the market situation allows it.
  • Making quality improvement and innovation our the basis of our daily work.

  • Orientation toward customers and results: to guarantee the continuance of the company and its future service to customers, as well as the stability of its collaborators.
  • Valuing human resources: TECNOMATRIX BCN main resource is its people, their experience and their professional and technical knowledge. Their professional and personal development is our priority, and respecting and trusting them is a fundamental basis.
  • Customer satisfaction: it is the guarantee of success.
  • Priority to innovation: as much for technology as for management.
  • Quality: determined by all the members of the team, be them internal or external ones, quality must be driven by our philosophy of providing our customers with an added value.
  • Team work: transparent communication, availability, cooperation and constant effort.

Quality Policy

TECNOMATRIX uses an ERP to help managing all its processes and get a full control, including traceability, of all the projects it carries out. What is more, the Tecnonet portal provides all our customers with transparency and traceability for their current and past projects. Our quality management system, based on the ISO 9001:2000 and EN9100 standards, enables us to constantly improve our processes efficiency and to increase our customers’ satisfaction. We are ISO9001:2015 certified. If you need more information about our quality management system, do not hesitate to contact us.

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