How we work?

For all the different services we propose, our working method aims at having our customers fully satisfied by meeting their quality and deadline requirements in all cases.

Step 1
Preparation of the Quotation

The Sales Department prepares a quotation according to the indications sent by customers.

Step 2
Approval of the Quotation

The customer approves the quotation, and makes the corresponding order. Once we have correctly received the order, we put a notification in the project evolution page, section “Projects”, in Tecnonet.

Step 3
Design of the Checking Fixture

The Engineering Department designs the checking fixture according to the plans provided by the customer. Software: CATIA V5. The 2D and 3D design plans are sent to the customer with Tecnonet, an interactive interface enabling both the customer and Tecnomatrix to keep track of the evolution of the project in real time.

Step 4
Validation of the Design

The customer validates the design by ticking the corresponding box for the project in Tecnonet. When receiving an automatic notification of this validation, Tecnomatrix prepares the detailed plans of the project, the manufacturing of the checking fixture can begin.

Step 5
Previous Steps to the Product Fabrication

The Workshop prepares the necessary steps for the fabrication of the checking fixture. In the picture, you can see that we machined polystyrene moulds to create aluminium founding checking fixtures.

Step 6
Fabrication of the Checking Fixture

The workshop machines and/or mounts the checking fixture. In this case, we proceeded to the mounting of the checking fixtures once they were brought back from the foundry.

Step 7

The Workshop makes the finishing on the checking fixtures: polishing, surface treatment. Treatments: anodising for aluminium and chemical nickel for steel.

Step 8
Last Steps before Delivery

Finalization of the checking fixture: painting, fixation of the Go/No Go gauges to the checking fixture, storage box for dial indicators.

Step 9
Information and Communication with the Custome

During all the production process, the customer can request information about the state of his order at any time by sending a message on Tecnonet portal. We will receive an automatic notification for the sending of this message, and will write back on Tecnonet to give updated information about the project.

Step 10
Measurements and Dimensional Report

Our metrologists carry out a first measurement of the checking fixture that is adjusted according to the results. Then, a dimensional report is prepared, as well as Cp/Cpk and R+R studies if requested by the customer. Software: Metrolog II.

Step 11
Validation of the Final Product

The customer validates the final product with Tecnonet portal.

Step 12
Delivery of the Checking Fixture

The product is delivered in a tailor-made wooden box, or in a stuffed case for Go/No Go gauges.

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