Window opening system

Possibility of controlling window opening systems either as single parts or mounted on the door frames. Usually, complete checking fixtures for window opening systems enable to: control the location of the fixation points, control of the length of the part by pins or dial indicators. For electric systems, another option si to check the position of the electric motor.

Our checking fixtures are produced in aluminium, the components submitted to wear-and-tear are produced in steel. Tolerances for RPS (fixation points) and dial indicator points: ±0.05mm. Tolerances for simulation blocks: ±0.1mm.

Minimum documentation: dimensional report of your checking fixture, 2D assembly drawing, assembly CAD. Optional documentation: R&R report, user manual, stabilization certificate.

Checking fixtures for window opening systems can sometimes integrate a high number of SC (statistical control) points, checked by dial indicator. In such cases, opting for automating the data acquisition process by using CAPTOR-S and CAPTOR-C enables to reduce the measurement cycle time and improve the reliability of the measurements thus increasing the quality of the control of the parts.

Fender skirt production fixture
  • Aluminium profile structure. Possibility of replacing the aluminium profiles by a mecanowelded structure.
  • The fixture has three functions: fastening the LH and RH door frames and window opening systems by their RPS (fixation) points to check the location of these points; position the parts in car position to measure them by CMM machine; to check the functionality of the window opening systems once mounted on the door frames
  • Fastening of the parts by pins simulating the car screws and by clamps
Checking fixture for window opening system
  • Aluminium base plate
  • Fixation of the part by its actuator and its RPS (fixation) points
  • Control of the part by mountability
  • Control of the height of the part by sliding pins

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