In the example shown here, the fixture enables to control two versions of the same part: – after the hot-stamping of the part (main shape and features of the part defined) – after its final laser-cutting (final outline and 100% holes defined).

Our checking fixtures are produced in aluminium, the components submitted to wear-and-tear are produced in steel. Tolerances for RPS (fixation points) and dial indicator points: ±0.05mm. Tolerances for simulation blocks: ±0.1mm.

Minimum documentation: dimensional report of your checking fixture, 2D assembly drawing, assembly CAD. Optional documentation: R&R report, user manual, stabilization certificate.

Integrating CAPTOR-S or CAPTOR-C system to this type of fixture enables to reduce the measurement cycle time by 70% and to improve the reliability of the measurement. These systems thus enable to the production process to be more reactive – quicker decision-making, possibility of measuring more parts -. More information on CAPTOR-S and CAPTOR-C sections of this website.

A-Pillar production fixture
  • Fastening of the part by clamps and support pins. Option: in case of control of the part after its hot-stamping and after its laser cutting, possibility of integrating to the fixture rectractable support pins, to make the fixture suitable for the two versions of part.
  • Control of the part shape and outline by a block – in resin or aluminium – with a gap and flush controlled by Go/No Go pin.
  • Control of the deformation of the part main critical areas by dial indicator.

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